• Other their water, coffee is probably the most important drink of our lives. Coffee helps us wake up in the morning, it gives us a reason to meet our friends, it gives us a perfect break in the middle of a hectic day. Unfortunately, there is one thing that can ruin all those perfect coffee moments:
    When coffee isn't fresh. 
    That great taste, the perfect aroma and the uplifting feeling simply gets lost when our coffee isn't fresh and unfortunately, it happens to many times to all of us.
    Even in the fanciest cafés, the coffee beans aren't treated with the right amount of care. They are stored in boxes or bags, manually dispensed and sometimes even come in contact with unwashed and dirty hands. Now, that's not the way to make sure that our perfect coffee moments stay perfect.
    IDM's coffee bean dispensers are the perfect way to store, display and dispense your favorite coffee beans. Our dispensers help you maintain the bean's freshness for weeks and weeks, all while beautifully displaying them in your home, your store or your café. Dispensing the beans has never been more hygienic or easy, ridding humanity of the annoyance of sloppy bags or messy and bulky containers,
    Make sure your coffee is always as fresh as possible by using IDM's Coffee Bean dispensers. Preserve freshness, preserve life's great little coffee moments.